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Andrea Garter

27.00 EUR

  • Image of Andrea Garter
  • Image of Andrea Garter

Fully adjustable in width and length. The vertical straps are moveable all the way around.

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Image of Aeryn Thigh&Hand Cuff Set
Aeryn Thigh&Hand Cuff Set
32.00 EUR
Image of Anabelle Garter
Anabelle Garter
23.00 EUR
Image of June Garter
June Garter
22.00 EUR
Image of Full Leg Harness
Full Leg Harness
39.00 EUR
Image of Alina Garter
Alina Garter
26.44 EUR
Image of Dawn Garter
Dawn Garter
26.30 EUR
Image of Devlyn Garter
Sold out
Devlyn Garter
27.00 EUR
Image of Isabel Garter
Isabel Garter
23.00 EUR
Image of Heart Garter
Heart Garter
16.00 EUR
Image of Triple Ring Garter
Triple Ring Garter
14.00 EUR
Image of Dahlia garter
Dahlia garter
25.50 EUR
Image of MissTess Garter
MissTess Garter
26.00 EUR
Image of Dahlia Carter
Dahlia Carter
25.50 EUR
Image of Bow Garter- many colors
Bow Garter- many colors
14.00 EUR
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